Leanne Ross

Coaching Women to recover

from emotional abuse so they

can live the life they were told

they never could

HappyLieuya Lifecoaching

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Leanne Ross

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Leanne Ross has dedicated her career to supporting people who have experienced trauma, adverse experiences and emotional turmoil within their lives. Her specialities include developed understanding of trauma, emotional rehabilitation and supporting positive self development and growth.

Having been brought up in the Highlands of Scotland, Leanne moved to Aberdeen to study Social Work at the top University in the UK for Social Work at the time. Having achieved a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Social Work her developed understanding of psychological concepts, sociological principles and ethical considerations prompted her to explore the deeper meanings of what it really means to ‘help people’.

Leanne began to recognise that the system in which she worked in was restrictive and her ability to support people in a person centred way was greatly impaired. 'Thinking outside the box' became the norm for Leanne, becoming quickly empowered to ensure every person she supported was supported in a way that was right for them.

She studied and completed her Counselling Cosca Certificate (L1) to further enhance her ability to communicate with others. She dived into the theory and concepts of Trauma Informed Intervention and began to translate a newfound understanding of how adverse experiences can affect people. She then expanded her résumé further by qualifying as a Life Coach in 2022.

A pivotal time in Leanne’s life was when she experienced personal trauma of her own. She recognised the lack of resources or trained practitioners who were available to support her through her challenging life period. This pushed Leanne to begin exploring the wide spectrum of self care, self development and emotional rehabilitation.

Through years of researching, exploring, travelling and trialling a mix of theoretical concepts and holistic approaches allowed for Leanne to enhance her skill set to support others to a much greater and deeper level.

Leanne has strived to utilise her personal and professional knowledge and skill set to support others within the realms of Life Coaching leading to the creation of Happylieuya Life Coaching.